Dominic received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, and a Master's Degree in Industrial Design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He has worked as a toy inventor at Meyer/Glass Design, architectural systems researcher at Kieran Timberlake Associates, and most recently, as product designer at Michael Graves Design Group. He has also written extensively on design and how it relates to society, both online as a writer for, and on the weblog, which he founded. Dominic's research interests are in the role of play and games in motivating user action, appropriate manufacturing technologies for distributed production, and systems and methodologies for enabling inter-disciplinary collaboration. His new book entitled "Green's Not Black & White: The Balanced Guide to Making Eco Decisions" is due out in the spring of 2009.


Robin said... @ August 18, 2010 at 8:09 AM

I'm an RPCV and former environmental regulator who started a business,, which is basically about "fair trade recycling". I noticed you were making the same points I've been making about the retained value = added value as compared to shredding and grinding up western goods. I wanted to invite you to guest post, or read You may be interested to know that the free market of "informal recyclers" naturally uses retained value components, and that some have become so good at it that they represent a threat to OEMs. See Harvard Business Review article, "Battle for China's Good Enough Market". What i am trying to do is protect the reuse markets already up and running, which are being gunned down and clubbed.

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