conservatory_image_high_energy_greenhouse (by dmuren)
Wired Magazine had a recent Op-Ed from excellent Human Landscapes blogger and scientist Erle Ellis (he also directs the Laboratory for Anthropogenic Landscape Ecology at the University of Maryland. The article -- "Stop Trying to Save the Planet" -- seems great from the outset, right in line with Humblefacture's ideals, particularly in passages like this one:

And it’s time for a “postnatural” environmentalism. Postnaturalism is not about recycling your garbage, it is about making something good out of grandpa’s garbage and leaving the very best garbage for your grandchildren. Postnaturalism means loving and embracing our human nature, the nature we have created to feed ourselves, the nature we live in. What good is environmentalism if it makes you depressed about the future?
However, while this is a big step for the mainstream (is Wired mainstream now?) media to back away from the human vs. nature argument, the author stops short of a truly humble stance.

I gave a talk introducing Humblefacture to the world at last week's Ignite Seattle conference. You can see the video of the talk above, and link to the slides on slideshare here. The manifesto has since grown by at least one point, and a thorough exploration of the ins and outs of defining this movement is forthcoming, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we at Humblefacture would love to hear any feedback you might have.